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AAD Summer Productions - 2008 Junior Production


18 - 20 July 2008 - Us & Them by David Campton

Performed in the Dairy Garden, Blaize Castle, Bristol


Production Assistant

Costumes & Props Co-ordinator


Party A


Henry Atkinson

Owen Atkinson

Anthony Franklin

Sophie Redman

Joseph Tregear

Elske Waite


Homeless Boy

Matthew Pleasant

Sally Noble

Pat Browne

Rosie Jenkins


Party B


Stephen Alderman

Camilla Baker

James Flower

Antonia Parker-Smith

Billie Williams

Sonny Williams



Jan Tuckett

Us & Them is a play about two groups of of people seeking a place to settle. Finally they arrive at the same time in an ideal land.

Will they be able to share a new home together or ........ ??









Thanks to the parents of the cast for all their support and patience.