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AAD Summer Productions - 2003 Macbeth


15 - 19 July 2003 - Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Performed in St Ursula's High School Grounds, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.


Adapted & Directed by


Macbeth, General


Lady Macbeth


Duncan, King of Scotland

Malcolm, his eldest son

Donalbain, younger son

Banquo, General of the Army

Macduff, a Thane of Scotland

Lennox, a Thane of Scotland

Ross, a Thane of Scotland

Angus, a Thane of Scotland

Caithness, a Thane of Scotland

Siward, Earl of Northumberland

Fleance, son of Banquo

Seyton, Attendant to Macbeth

Lady Macduff

Son of Macduff

Nun, herbalist to Macbeth

A Gentlewoman, attendant to Lady Macbeth

A Scottish Captain

Porter of the Castle

A Lady of the Night


Hecate, head witch

First Witch

Second Witch

Third Witch





Bob Allen


Paul Dyson

  Stuart Lyddon

Trish Ferguson-Jay

  Sarah McMahon

Chris Torpy

Steven Barker

Adam Leonard

Jason Stevens

Michael Schofield

Matthew Godsell

Phillip Pover

Simon Carney

Ray Hendy

Mark Graves

Daniel Johnson

Ray Hendy

Jean Capstick

Philip Lewis

Jenny McDowell

Judy Hodgson

John Stevens

Rob Creer

Lin Bowden

Pat Stimson

Sarah Heenan

Sara Miller

Jayne Connell

Tina Janello

Emily Connell

  Holly Howard

  Leandra Downes

Simon Carney

  Ray Hendy

  Philip Lewis



Macbeth was written between 1603 and 1606, which coincides with the accession of James VI of Scotland to the English throne, as James I.

The play was written with James very much in mind and focuses on the supernatural, loyalty and kingship, which were keen subjects of the King's attention.


Assistant to the Director

Stage Manager

Stage Crew 


Lighting created by


Lighting operated by




Lady Macbeth's costumes

Witches costumes


Sword fight sequence by...

Witches Sequences

directed by...

Porter Sequence

developed by...



Rehearsal Prompt


Front of House Manager




Box Office





Alan Cross

Steve Birch

Olive Andow

  Judy Hodgson

Tony Robinson

  Andy Adams

Tony Robinson

Terry King

Ann Aplin

  Pat Stimson

Pat Stimson

June Cross

Olive Andow

Michael J Clark


June Cross


Rob Creer

  Lyn Bowden

Bob Allen

Alan Cross


Ann Aplin

Kit Johnson & the

  Oldland Players

Chris Torpy

Pauline Pincott

  Pat Woodward

Ella Magee

Chris Torpy




All the above photographs kindly sent in by Kit Johnson of the Oldland Players,  January 2012 - Thanks Kit


                                                            Trish Ferguson-Jay     Paul Dyson         Stuart Lyddon     Sarah McMahon