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AAD Summer Productions - 1998 The Venetian Twins


21 - 25 July 1998 - The Venetian Twins a summer comedy by Carlo Goldoni translated by Ranjit Bolt

Performed in the Dairy Garden at Blaise Castle, Bristol.


No photographs yet available - can you help?



Pulcinella (Punch)

His Wife (Judy)


Rosaura, Dr Balanzoni's daughter

Columbina, her maid

Dr Balanzoni

Brighella, his servant

Zanetto, Rosaura's fiancé


Beatrice, Tonino's fiancée

Maid Servant to Beatrice



Tonino, Zanetto's twin

Arlecchino, Zanetto's servant


Tiburzio, a jeweller

Bargello, Chief Constable



Street Singers

Felicity Peries


Mike Parish

Jo Jacobs


Naomi Triggol

Lis Jeffery

Roger Hockedy

Derek Skelcher

Andy Davies

John Upward

Julie Bisacre

Jo Jacobs

Chris Turner

Nigel Jefferies

Andy Davies

Mike Parish

Martin Whatley

Derek Skelcher

Kevin Lindegaard

Philip Pover

  Martin Whatley

Helen Harries

  Phil Mears

Verona - mid-eighteenth century.


The play opens with the carnivale -

the masks are in place and the spirit of commedia dell'arte lives on.

Then we strip off the masks and humanise the characters, just as Goldini did.


Stage Manager

Technical Crew 










Set Design

Set Painting

Wardrobe Design & Creation

Wig Mistress

Props created by


Music composed or selected

and performed by...


Andy Bromsgrove

Sarah Carpenter

  Dan Gregory

  Chris Horseman

   Phil Lovell

  Dave Painter

  Rob Perrin

  Stuart Swann

  Duncan Vemson

  Sally Wilson

Celia Upward

Carole Hockedy

Michael Rummings

Gill Raikes

Merriel Lacey

June Cooper

  Alan Cooper


Sue Marsh


Photographs needed