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AAD Summer Productions - 1995 As You Like It


1995 - As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Performed in the sunken gardens at Ashton Court, Bristol.

The play is set in Oliver's orchard, Frederick's court and the Forest of Arden.



Duke Senior, living in exile

Duke Frederick, his usurping brother

Le Beau, Lord attending Frederick

First Lord, attending Frederick

Second Lord, attending Frederick

Charles, the wrestler

Oliver, son of Sir  Roland de Boys

Orlando, son of Sir  Roland de Boys

Jaques, son of Sir  Roland de Boys

Dennis, Servant to Oliver

Adam, Servant to Oliver

Touchstone, a Fool at the Court of Frederick

Amiens, Lord attending Duke Senior

Jaques, Lord attending Duke Senior

First Lord, attending Duke Senior

Second Lord, attending Duke Senior

Court Musician, Lord attending Duke Senior

Pages to Duke Senior




Corin, shepherd in the Forest of Arden

Silvius, shepherd in the Forest of Arden

William, a country fellow

Sir Oliver Martext, a vicar

Rosalind, daughter of Duke Senior

Celia, daughter of Duke Frederick

Phebe, a shepherdess

Audrey, a goat herd

Hymen, the God of Marriage

Attending Hymen

Marie O'Sullivan


Robert E Harris

Richard Randall

Patrick McNerney

Doug Brown

Philip Metcalf snr

Richard Jones

Brian Fisher

Geoff Salter

Bob Beale

Colin Baser

Neville Lewisohn

Timothy Smart

David Lee

Andy Rushbridge

Chris Torpy

Bob Beale

David Felce

Jonathan Potter

  Philip Metcalf jnr

  Sam Sharp

  Paul Craig

Arthur Sibley

Julian O'Sullivan

Tim Wrighton

Doug Brown

Charlotte Swain

Trish Ferguson

Anna Lewis

Jane Morley

Sam Portlock

Lucy Loader

  Katie Metcalf

  Ann Bedford

  Elizabeth Bedford

  Camilla Spare

  Marianne Trueman

Site Director

Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Lighting Design

Costumes designed and made by




Music Tutor to the Pages

Guitar Music arranged by







Front of House



Box Office






Rosalind, daughter of the rightful Duke,

Frederic, as companion to Frederick's

refuge with his companions in the

banished by her uncle, she goes there


John Kew

Bright Sparks

Jo Kelly

Barnaby Ling

John Cousins

  Julia O'Neill

Maurice Browne


Rozanne Carpenter

David Felce

Pam Fisher

Jo Baser

  Penny Jones

  Wendy Rowland

Joan Pickthall


Mark Graves

Ruth Perrett

Richard Jones

Pauline Pincott

Les Coles

Chris Torpy

  André Coutanche



lives at the court of his usurping brother,

daughter, Celia. The rightful Duke has taken

Forest of Arden, and, when Rosalind is suddenly

to seek her father, taking with her Celia and

a fool.