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AAD Summer Productions - 1988 The Enchanted


19 - 23 July 1988 - The Enchanted by Jean Giradoux

Performed in the sunken gardens at Ashton Court, Bristol.


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The Mayor

The Doctor


The Little Girls






The Inspector

The Supervisor

Armande Mangebois

Leonide Mangebois

The Ghost

1st Executioner

2nd Executioner



Monsieur Adrian

Papa Tellier


Mary Pemberton


Michael Luker

Terry Stevens

Abigail Cahill

Rebecca Evans

  Emma Wreyford

  Allison Nash

  Anna Francolini

  Helen Morley

  Anna Harding

John Adams

Jonathan Jones

Eunice Bliss

Sally Noble

Michael Clark

Paul Bradshaw

Colin Baser

Tim Smart

  Max Pemberton

Tim Smart

Eric Price

Jane Andrews

  Dee Sessions


Act 1 - A clearing in the woods just outside a Provincial town in France: late afternoon.

Act 2 - The same, a few weeks later.

Act 3 - Isabel's room in the town.

 Production Assistant

Stage Manager

Assisted by







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Lighting supplied by

Operated by

Costume Design


Assisted by




Cast Caller


Front of House


Box Office

Pat Woodward

Mark Graves

Max Pemberton

  Jane Levan

  Norma Herring

  Phillip Lovell

  Martyn Evans

  Liz Aplin

Roy Carr

Steve Trutch

John Twine

Andy Adams

Debbie Cox

Audrey Price

Ruth Perrett

Jane Andrews

  Dee Sessions

Lesley Keatley

Mary Cockings

Val Michalak

Pauline Pincott

Richard Jones

Jean Dolphin

  Ruth Perrett


Photographs needed