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AAD Summer Productions - 1984


17-21 July 1984 - Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Performed in the sunken gardens at Ashton Court, Bristol.

The action takes place in Athens around 400BC

Written in the final decade of the Peloponnesian War, in which Athens and its allies fought against Sparta and the Peloponnesian League. The play argues not so much for pacifism as for the idea that the two leading states ought not be fighting one another at this point but combining to rule Greece.

This is accomplished when the women of the two sides deprive their husbands of sex until they stop fighting.







Chorus of Women









Chorus of Men







Officers of the peace




A Servant

Spartan Herald

Spartan Ambassador


Barbara Graham


Edwina Lloyd

Geraldine Branton

Sue Ord-Hume

Jane Levan

Barbara Lloyd

  Olive Andow

  Ann Aplin

  Jane Endicott

  Jenny McDowell

  Alison McLean

  Annette Macquire

  Sally Noble

  Elizabeth Watts

John Adams

  Dan Bryant

  Peter Butterworth

  Gordon Jenkins

  Leslie Dann

  Mike Stewart

Chris Torpy

Nigel Morris

  Richard Stanway

  Tim Bailey

Aidan Woods

Maureen Chapman

Peter Butterworth

John Wright

Maureen Chapman

Stage Manager



Set Design

Set Construction



Sound Equipment

Sound Operation

Lights provided by

Lighting Operation







Ray Bulmer

Rod Watson

  Steve Birch

Ray Bulmer

Richard Stanway

  Dan Bryant

  Peter Butterworth

Roy Carr

James Buckley

John Twine

Ian Fisher

Ann Aplin

  Jane Levan

Chris Lloyd

  Ray Bulmer

Rose Ford