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Short Play Festival 2019

See results below...

Avon Festival Results
The Avon Short Play Festival concluded on the Saturday night after 4 sessions featuring 9 very different plays.
The trophies were presented by Councillor James Ball,  the Mayor of Chipping Sodbury. 
Our Adjudicator, Chris Jaeger MBE FRSA GoDA,  awarded the trophies to

Denning award for Youth (Encouragement)
Hattie Powell, Holly Pine, Immie Hutchins (Sodbury Players Youth Section - SPYS)
Izzie Williamson (St Albanís Players)

West Town Workshop for Youth (Most Promising Youth Performance)
Josh Wrighton (Sodbury Players Youth Section - SPYS)
Grace Flynn (Junior Actonians)
Alice Grubb (Junior Actonians)
Abigail Cowen (St Albanís Players)

AAD Award for Youth Drama (Winning Youth Team)
Sodbury Players Youth Section - SPYS

Richard Brayshaw Cup (Technical award)
St Albanís Players

The Ruth Perrett Award (Costume)
Sodbury Players (Untucked)
Athelstan Players
St Albanís Players
Bleadon Players
Sodbury Players (For All The Saints)

Pauline Pincott Trophy (Best original play)
Bleadon Players - The Weatherman's Harvest by Adrienne Howell
St Albanís Players - Holding On by Barbara Crass

Graham Bradshaw Cup (Best supporting performance)
Lisa Stapleton (The Oldland Players)
Sandra Tomkins (St Albanís Players)
Dean Harris (Bleadon Players)

Priory Plate (Best Actress)
Kit Muffet (The Oldland Players)
Megan Mills (Athelston Players)
Sarah  Martin (Sodbury Players)
Sandra Fenlon (St Albanís Players)

Goodway Memorial Cup (Best actor)
Steve Crump (Sodbury Players)
David Lord (Sodbury Players)
Peter Gibbon  (Bleadon Players)
Stephen Coles (Oldland Players)
Bob Charman (Athelstan Players)

Adjudicatorís Award (Adjudicatorís discretion)
Sodbury Players Youth Section - SPYS (ensemble work in The Hanging  Tree)
Barbara Crass - St Alban's Players (direction of Holding On)
Simon Carney - Sodbury Players (direction of Untucked)

The Peter English Award (Runners up)
Sodbury Players (Untucked)

The Alexander Trophy (Overall winner)
St Albanís Players

The All England Theatre Festival (AETF) winning team to go forward to the Divisional Quarter Final at The Mission in Bath is Sodbury Players with Untucked.

The AETF runners up also go forward to the Divisional Quarter Final this year; they are Sodbury Players with For All The Saints.

They will meet the winners of the Bristol Festival - St Alban's Players and the winners of the Somerset Festival; which takes place on 23rd & 24th March.



AETF Festival Quarter Final

The Northern Division, W estern Area Quarter Final of the All England Theatre Festival took place on Saturday 13th April at the Mission Theatre, Bath.
There were four very varied plays; and virtually a sold out auditorium! 
The adjudicator, Mike Kaiser GoDA announced the winners; who were

The Adjudicator's Award
Abigail Cowen - St Alban's Players

Runner's Up
St Alban's Players  
ĎHOLDING ONí An Original Play by Barbara Crass

The Winner's Shield
Ilminster Entertainments Society

Ilminster Entertainments Society and St Alban's Players will now go forward to the Western Area Semi Final at the Merlin Theatre, Frome on Saturday 11th May 2019, where they will meet the teams from the Southern Area Quarter Final.

Tickets for the semi-final are available from the Merlin Theatre Website


The AETF Next Rounds

Semi Final        
11th May at the Merlin Theatre, Frome BA11 2HG
Philip de Glanville 07980 101997 pmdeglanville@sky.com

English Final     
8th June at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead
SL6 4PF  Box Office:01628 788997
Carol Hennessy 07947 055283  carol@hennwinds.me.uk

The English Winner then goes on to meet teams from 
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

British Final      
5th & 6th July at Harrogate Theatre
Ian Clarke 01423 712240 www.britishfinal.org.uk

Leaflets with more information are available at the festival