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One-Act Drama Festival 2017 at The Parish Hall, Iron Acton  - Adjudicator Nick Wilkes, Assoc GODA

A preliminary round of the All-England Theatre Festival


Please send in photographs of your One-Act entry for inclusion here

Friday 24 February 2017


SPP Theatre Company



Old Anna

Young Anna




Stage Manager




And Go To Innisfree

by Jean Lenox Toddie


Christine Sargent

Natasha Finch

Jessica Roy


Christine Sargent with the company

Aengus Cooke

Phil Burnett

Stephen Gardener


St Alban's Players









Assistant Director / Stage Manager





by James Rushbrooke


David Evans

Abi Cowen

Toby Rome

Sandra Tomkins


Wendy Withers

Gill Cowen

John Davey

Charlie Whitehead


A deserted beach, late September in the 1990's. An older woman appears. She has come to make a decision. Will she reach it alone? The voice of the middle aged matron she was argues for the comfort of a retirement home. The voice of the child she once was urges her to lie under the brambles and eat black berries again, to study ants and to arise again and go to Innisfree.

In the not too distant future the world is better than ever. Diseases and disorders have been wiped out; but 12 year old Jessie doesn't belong. She slipped through the net and there's something dangerous in her DNA, something that must be cured.


And go to Innisfree rehearsal photos...



Tomcat rehearsal photos...



  Please send in photographs of your One-Act entry for inclusion here

Saturday 2-30, 25 February 2017


Junior Actonians


















Assistant Director

Lighting / Sound



by Nettie Bascomb Brown


Ollie Taylor

Ellie Ridler

Grace Flynn

Lucy Thompson

Chloe Dean

Jessica Hatherell

Bella Norris

Holly King

Harriet Bisp

Poppy Orchard

James Tofts

Jacqui Strachan

Alice Grubb


Sarah Godsell

Di Pardoe

Mark Whitehouse


The Oldland Players



Sibyl Chase

Elyot Chase

Victor Prynne

Amanda Prynne



Stage Manager




Private Lives - Act 1

by Noel Coward


Natalie Brown

Stephen Coles

Daniel Johnson

Lisa Stapleton


Daniel Johnson

Gill Lewisohn

Andy Trickey

Hannah Johnson


Have you ever wondered what is happening inside your body as you go through your daily routines? Well now you can visualise it through this cleverly crafted play about your blood!

"Blood is a highly original play which tackles a serious subject as a comedy"

"Here we are on the first night of our honeymoon, with the moon coming up, and the music playing, and all you can do is talk about my first husband..." If it were only just talk. Amanda and Elyot had divorced and gone their separate ways forever until they find themselves both on honeymoon, with new respective partner, in adjoining hotel rooms in the first act of this classic Noel Coward comedy.


Junior Actonians rehearsing 'Blood'




  Please send in photographs of your One-Act entry for inclusion here

Saturday 7-30, 25 February 2017


Sodbury Players









Stage Manager



by Duncan Battman


Richard Cottle

Steve Crump

Simon Carney

Sammy Mountford


Rob Creer

Kirk Clifford


Actonians Drama Group




Isabella Bird

Lady Nijo

Pope Joan

Dull Gret

Patient Griselda




Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


Top Girls - Act 1

by Caryl Churchill


Sarah Godsell

Lin Bowden

Debby Ashton

Sue Anstey

Pat Stimson

Rachel Taylor

Dee Mason


Sarah McMahon

Sarah McMahon

Mark Whitehouse


Two police officers make a discovery that changes an old case.

The famous first act sees Marlene celebrating her promotion to Managing Director of the "Top Girls" employment agency, with strangers, not friends. Set in a smart London restaurant, it is a fascinating insight into the lives of five unusual historical women, whose stories are both feisty and poignant.


Actonians rehearsing 'Top Girls'...





And the winners of the Awards are...



Denning Award for Youth                                                          Alice Grubb
(Encouragement)                                                               Junior Actonians



West Town Workshop Theatre for Youth                                      Abi Cowen

(Most promising youth performance)                                 St Albanís Players


AAD Award for Youth Drama                                              Junior Actonians

(Winning youth group)                                                                              


Richard Brayshaw Cup                                                     St Albanís Players

(Technical award)                                                                                      



The Ruth Perrett Award                                           Actonians Drama Group



Pauline Pincott Trophy                                                                No entries

(Best original play)                                                                                   


Graham Bradshaw Cup                                                          Richard Cottle

(Best Supporting Performance)                                         Sodbury Players


Priory Plate                                                                           Lisa Stapleton

(Best actress)                                                                     Oldland Players


Goodway Memorial Cup                                                           David Evans

(Best actor)                                                                     St Albanís Players


Adjudicatorís Award                                                           Junior Actonians

(Adjudicatorís discretion)                                                                          


The Peter English Award                                                 St. Albanís Players

(Runners up)                                                                                             


The Alexander Trophy                                             Actonians Drama Group

(Overall winning production)                                                                   



The Adjudicator, Nick Wilkes, Assoc GoDA


The Awards


The Overall winner goes on to the Wessex Division

Quarter Final - 9 April 2017 at Princess Theatre, Burnham-on-Sea TA8 1EH

( Ron Roberts 01458 241374 ron@silverstones.com )


Semi Final - 6 May 2017 at The Athenaeum, Warminster BA12 9AE

( Ann Aplin 01454 228243 aplinironacton2@gmail.com )


English Final - 3 June 2017 at McMillan Theatre, Bridgewater TA6 4PZ

( Box Office: 01278 556677 Ron Roberts - as above )


British Final - 7 & 8 July 2017 at Mac Theatre, Belfast

( tickets@themaclive.com   Mac Pollock 028 2766 2590 )