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One-Act Drama Festival 2015 at The Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury  - Adjudicator Colin Dolley, GODA SASDA

A preliminary round of the All-England Theatre Festival


Please send in photographs of your One-Act entry for inclusion here

Wednesday 18 February 2015.   Welcome by Ann Aplin

St Paul's Players











Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


As Alice and Charlie

Wedding Anniversary

they lasted


St Paul's Players

their 60th

60 Happy Years

by Toby Rome

Original Play


Joe Marsden

Natasha Finch

Jane Chedzoy

Christine Sargent

Peter Irwin


Sean Colledge

Jessica Roy

Sean Colledge


celebrate their 60th

their guests wonder how

so long.


are this year celebrating


Cherry Bakewells








Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


Three women meet in a

 determine which of them

years prior.

transfers between the

Semblance of Madness

by John H Newmeir


Gaye Shepherd

Janet Williams

Pam Hillier


Gaye Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd


psychiatric hospital to

committed murder some

Suspicion constantly

three as tensions build.

Rules of the game...




Stage Presentation

Dramatic Achievement



40 points

35 points

15 points

10 points




Please send in photographs of your One-Act entry for inclusion here

Thursday 19 February 2015.   Welcome by Ann Aplin

The Court Players









Stage Manager




Nick is struggling to come

relationship with his

Isobel. While sorting out

between them escalates,

is there a more sinister


Father to Son

by Ben Cannon

Original Play


Mark Gregory

Dan Long

Eleanor Trapp


Bev Stewart

Bryan Quinlan

Chris Stewart

Bob Williams


to terms with his

father, George and his sister,

George's office the tension

but is it all that it seems or

underlying current.


St Paul's Players







Radio DJ

Prof Hans Schwarkov

Unearthly Voice



Stage Manager




An unscrupulous banker,

Little Chef for coffee,

meeting. His coffee is

who challenges Jeff to save

apocalypse, via a little

Jeff Meets the Devil in a Little Chef

by Helen K Parker


Toby Rome

Sean Colledge

Inma De Reyes

Paul Davis

Stephen Gardner

Stephen Gardner


Stephen Gardner

Steve Andrews

Helen K Parker

Paul Davis


named Jeff, stops in a

en route to an important

interrupted by the Devil,

the earth from an

challenge he's set.

Sodbury Players




Cool Guy


Doom Merchant

Amateur Sleuth



Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


It is a lovely spring day

Cool Guy is settling on

the paper when Woman

Before Cool Guy can

left on the bench with

cannot be moved,

A series of motley

arrive,  each with a

contents of

A Little Box of Oblivion

by Stephen Bean


Roisin Cabry

Richard Cottle

Sammy Rose

Linda Bowden

Tim Ball


Rob Creer

Katie Scott-Dyer

Stephen Bashford


in an urban conurbation.

a park bench to read

rushes on with a box.

say no the box has been

instructions that the box

knocked, tilted or opened.

characters then begin to

theory about the

the box.


  Please send in photographs of your One-Act entry for inclusion here

Friday 20 February 2015.   Welcome by Ann Aplin

Sponsor - anonymous - we are grateful, thank you.

Actonians Drama Group






Builder 1 / AA Mamber

Builder 2 / AA Leader

AA Member




Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


Ken is a stalwart of his

group, who, in recent years,

principal roles. Maybe the

dram or two might be the

comes up that seems to be

the chance. I mean,

Moving Aside

(from Going Solo)

by Austin Hawkins

Original Play


Mike Schofield

Rob Pardoe

Nick Pearce

Jenny McDowell

Gaynor Clarke


Mark Whitehouse

Sarah McMahon

Sarah Godsell


local amateur dramatics

seems to be overlooked for

fact that he is partial to a

reason. But when a part

written for him he jumps at

what could go wrong?


(Sodbury Players Youth Section)



Actor 1

Actor 2

Actor 3

Actor 4

Actor 5

Actor 6

Actor 7

Actor 8

Actor 9




Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound



The date is Monday 9th One Act Festival. A

are desperately trying to

things are not going to

this naturalistic comedy

putting on a

Still Thinking

by Dan Williamson &

Ross Brown

Devised Piece


Milo Cridge

Hannah Brownlie

Vicki Bond

Rhys Jenkins

Ross Arnott

Rosie Riley

Ashley Russell

Faith Ball

Dan Williamson


Dan Williamson &

   Ross Brown

Ross Brown

Julian Hinton &

   Kirk Clifford


February,11 days until the group of rowdy teenagers

create a performance and

plan. Join the SPYS in

about the difficulties of

One Act Show.

St Alban's Players





Musical Accompanist



Stage Manager




in 1880's Russia two

find coffins inexplicably

homes. A sense of

an exchange of long-held

Will sisterly love and

Two Sisters

by Caroline Harding


Sally Jones

Wendy Withers

Jonathan Robbins


Barbara Crass

Rob Withers

John Davey

Charlie Whitehead


impoverished sisters

delivered to their humble

impending doom leads to


understanding prevail?

      Actonians - Moving Aside

  Please send in photographs of your One-Act entry for inclusion here

Saturday 21 February 2015.   Welcome by Ann Aplin

Sponsor - anonymous - we are grateful, thank you.

Journeyman Theatre Productions









Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


Danny's gambling has

rock bottom. He has lost

himself in the bookmaker's

from a bag lady and a

he is owed. Whilst salvation

sources, it is a single


A Single Moment

by Tony Domaille

Original Play


Steve Wright

Jon Domaille

Shelagh Fagan

Tony Domaille


Tony Domaille

Phil Domaille

Phil Domaille


finally brought him to

everything and now finds

shop learning life lessons

bookmaker who wants all

is offered from surprising

moment that actually


Backwell Playhouse theatre Co




Henry Pulling,

Aunt Augusta,

Italian Girl,

Frau General Schmidt

Henry Pulling,

Aunt Augusta,

Miss Keene

Girl in Jodhpurs,


Hotel Receptionist,


Henry Pulling,

Aunt Augusta,



Detective Sergeant Sparrow,


Miss Paterson,

Turkish Policeman,



Taxi Driver,



Colonel Hakim,

Spanish Gentleman,

Mr Visconti



Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


When Henry Pulling

at his mother's funeral

whirlwind of exotic


Travels with my Aunt

by Graham Greene, adapted by Giles Havergal






Alison Riddiford



Andrew Milton




Colette Buckley



Helen Coupe








John Jones






Mike Houghton


Terry Milton

Colette Buckley

Sam Riddiford


meets his long-lost Aunt

he has no idea of the

adventures that lie

of him.

Sodbury Players








Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound


A short play that gently


The Red Balloon

by Damian Trasler


Katie Salt

Carl Ronald

Jaqui Coventry


Simon Carney

Maggie Allsopp

Stephen Bashford


pokes fun at the



And the winners are...

AAD Award for Youth Drama (Winning Youth Group)
SPYS (Sodbury Players Youth Section)

At the Five Counties Youth Drama Festival 2015

at the Parish Hall, Iron Acton

in a tough competition against Redmaids' School, Taunton School and Intermediate Oasis Youth Theatre

SPYS (Sodbury Players Youth Section)

won the Mike Bishop Trophy (Overall Winner)

with their own play 'Still Thinking'.



Richard Brayshaw Cup (Technical Award)
Travels with my Aunt - Backwell Playhouse Theatre Co

Ruth Perrett Award (Costume)
Two Sisters - St Alban’s Players

Pauline Pincott Trophy (Best Original Play)
Moving Aside by Austin Hawkins - Actonians Drama Group


Gaye ShepherdCherry Bakewells

Goodway Memorial Cup (Best Actor)
Richard Cottle - Sodbury Players

Graham Bradshaw Cup (Best Supporting Performance)
Shelagh Fagan - Journeyman Theatre Productions

Adjudicator's Award (Adjudicator's Discretion)
Two Sisters - St Alban's Players - for direction and setting

Peter English Award (Runner Up)
Two Sisters - St Alban's Players

Alexander Trophy (Overall Festival Winner)
Travels with my Aunt - Backwell Playhouse Theatre Co

- o -


Overall Festival winner went on to the Quarter Final - 18th April, Olympus Theatre, Sth Glos & Stroud College, Filton, BS34 7AF


The Wessex Division Quarter Final on April 18th was won by Backwell Playhouse Theatre Company  with Travels With My Aunt

and it would be great to support them in Ferndown.


Western Area Semi Final - 16th May, Barrington Theatre, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9TH

English Final on 6th June - Harrogate Theatre, Oxford St, HG11 1QF.

British Final .on 3rd, 4th July, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell, RG12 7PA