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One-Act Festival 2012 at Blakehay Theater, Weston-super-Mare - Adjudicator Ben Humphrey, GODA.

Stage One of the All England Theatre Festival

Thursday 23 February 2012 at 7.30

Sodbury Players present -



The Devil









Sister Mary John 




Stage Manager




When sweet little old lady Esme makes a pact with the Devil, each side gets more than they bargained for. She transforms from a sweet Granny to a foul-mouthed Beelzebub. When Granny is accidently murdered, things start looking up for her unfortunate family.

Granny Must Die

by Ian Townsend


Nicky Shipton

Jill Hughes

James Murden

Rosin Cabry

Dave Murden

Grant McCotter

Simon Woolaston

Maria Mallon

Lin Bowden

Katie Salt


Tim Ball &

  Simon Carney

Simon Carney

Tim Hunter

Stephen Bashford


However, Granny has other plans, and rises from the dead, attitude and perm in tact! From here on in, the action becomes increasingly crazy as family and passing acquaintances decide the world would be a better place without Granny.


Oldland Players present -



Landlord / Moth /Old Man / Fred / Boy

Landlady / Old Woman / Maudie / Alice



Stage Manager





Truncated version


The action takes place over one night in a pub.


by Jim Cartwright


Kevin Kirwan

Kitty Muffett


Robin Turner

Kelvin Buck

Hannah Johnson

Gordon James &

   Paul Dyson


of the play



Granny Must Die by Ian Townsend...





Two by Jim Cartwright...




Friday 24 February 2012 at 7.30

St Alban's Players

present -


Georgie Boy

Inspector Rand

Doctor Gray



Uncle Joe





Stage Manager




Georgie Boy is a young man whose mind is locked in the turmoil of his terrible memories.

Georgie Boy

by Rob Withers


Russell Hancock

Paul Mackenzie Smith

Jenny Moultrie

Jill Gill

Paul Richards

Barry Davies

Sarah Down

Laura Hughes


Rob Withers

Jason Pickett

John Davey

Steve Lanham


He has been placed in a secure hospital where he interacts in his head with the perpetrators of his damaged life.

The Actonians

present -



Woman 1 (Emilia, Cleopatra)

Woman 2 (Lady Capulet,

Kate 2, Duchess of York)

Woman 3 (Nurse, Kate 1,

Queen Kathrine)

Woman 4 (Juliet, Bianca, Charmian)

Woman 5 (Desdemona,

Beatrice, Iras)

Marco (a waiter)

Actor's Voice



Stage Manager

Lighting / Sound



Tables outside a Shakespeare-

The Seven Ages of Women

devised by Ann Aplin


Andy Fisher


Pat Stimson


Margaret Bulmer


Emma Waldon


Michelle Lucas

Mike Schofield

Rob Pardoe


Ann Aplin

Dee Mason

Mark Whitehouse

June Schofield


themed bar.

St Alban's Players

present -







Stage Manager




Rachel is surprised and still angry when she unexpectedly meets her Mother after a seven year estrangement.


by Alice M Underwood


Frances Wilkes

Pamela Moline

Wendy Withers


Barbara Crass

Jason Pickett

John Davey

Steve Lanham


Amidst ensuing recrimination and explanation, is reconciliation out of the question?


The Seven Ages of Women devised by Ann Aplin...






Saturday Matinee, 25 February 2012 at 2.30

Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)

present -


Romeo / Bottom

Titania / Luciana / Juliet

Antipholus / Puck / Friar Lawrence


Oberon / Dromio / Duke Orsino

Adriana / Nurse / Olivia




Stage Manager




Originally Commissioned

Theatre Outreach

by special arrangement


Four of the Bard's characters wait for an overdue flight to London when Romeo reveals that he plans to revenge himself upon Shakespeare, whom he blames for ruining his life, by killing him in a duel.

From Shakespeare with Love?

by Jonathan Dorf



Alistair Hector

Rosie Riley

Cameron Hector

Amy Bassett

Dan Williamson

Rose Eastment


Kayleigh Rose &

   Katie Salt

Kayleigh Rose

Tim Hunter

Julian Hinton


by the Walnut Street

Programme and produced

with Eldridge Publishing Co


It's up to the others - Titania, Viola and Antipholus - to save Shakespeare by showing Romeo that Shakespeare "does indeed love, love".

Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)

present -


Actor 1 / Dean / Trad. Romeo

Actor 2 / Doctor

Actor 3 / Partner

Actor 4 / Youth 3 / Woman 2

Actor 5

Actor 6

Actor 7 & 20 / Trad. Juliet / Youth 2 / Girl

Actor 8 / Vicar / Youth 4 / Man 3

Actor 9 & 16 / Beattie / Oldie 2 / Woman 3

Actor 10 / Youth 5

Actor 11 / Modern Romeo / Man 2 / Father

Actor  12 / Mother / Oldie 1

Actor 13 / MP / Jack / Man 1

Actor 14 / Youngster / Woman 1

Actor 15 / Mary

Actor 17

Actor 18 / Girl / Modern Juliet

Actor 19 / Youth 1 / Lucky




Stage Manager




A series of  short sketches based on the

Urban Hymns

by Keith Badman


Rhys Jenkins

Lily Cocking

Amber Sharpe

Ellie Smith

Abbie Merritt

Vicki Bond

Rhiannon Williamson

Daniel Harvey

Sophie Reynolds

Emily Perry

George Ball

Brianna Lovett

Ros Arnot

Ellie Lloyd

Amy Bassett

Amber Godwin

Fran Hinton

Lee Carter


Lin Bowden &

   Julian Hinton

Lin Bowden

Tim Hunter

Julian Hinton


Verve album "Urban Hymns".


From Shakespeare with Love? by Jonathan Dorf...





Urban Hymns by Keith Badman...




Saturday Evening, 25 February 2012 at 7.30

Wayfarers Drama Group present -


The Master

The Mistress

The Cook

The Kitchen Maid

The Parlour Maid

The House Maid

The Useful Maid

The Odd Man




Stage Managers


Lighting & Sound


The Master and Mistress of the house offer the servants an evening out at the theatre.


by Arthur Pinero


Andy Jeffery

Katrina Kelly

Heather Collings

Belinda Rice

Sarah Swann

Frances Mangam

Janet Williams

Clive Dark


Barbara Joner &

  John Bulter

Dave Glover &

  Maureen Riley

Alan Edwards


But the servants have their own ideas.

(set in 1913)

Blakehay Actors Company

present -








Stage Manager

Lighting & Sound


Four women meet on the 

Strangers become friends


 Original script by Robert Iles


Frances Iles

Rebecca Fuller

Paula Luke

Gaye Shepherd


Robert Iles

Robert Iles

Scott Morris


towpath of a canal.

as they share their stories.


Final Adjudication


Presentation of Awards



See results listed below


Playgoers by Arthur Pinero...




Towpath  Original script by Robert Iles...





Adjudicator Ben Humphrey, GODA, with Ann Aplin, Festival Director and Janet Adams, Festival Secretary...

The Prizes...

Winners 2012...

Denning Award for Youth (Encouragement) - SPYS, with Urban Hymns
West Town Workshop Theatre for Youth (Most promising youth performance) -
Rhiannon Williamson, in Urban Hymns
AAD Award for Youth Drama (Winning youth group) - SPYS, with From Shakespeare with Love
Richard Brayshaw Cup (Technical Award) - Nomination, St Albans, with Georgie Boy. Winners, St Alban's, with Conkers
Ruth Perrett Award (Costume) - Nomination, St Albans, with Georgie Boy. Winners, Wayfarers, with Playgoers
Pauline Pincott Trophy (Best original play) - Nominations, Georgie Boy and Conkers. Winner, Towpath by Robert Iles
Priory Plate (Best actress) - Nominations, Kitty Muffett, Andy Fisher, Pamela Moline. Winner Paula Luke in Towpath
Goodway Memorial Cup (Best actor) - Russell Hancock in Georgie Boy
Graham Bradshaw Cup (Best supporting Performance) - Winner, Sarah Down in Georgie Boy
Ian Wethey Award (at adjudicator's discretion) - SPYS for Teamwork
The Peter English Award (Runners up) - St Alban's Players with Conkers
The Alexander Trophy (Overall winning production) -
Blakehay Actors Company with Towpath

All England Theatre Festival - 2012

Next rounds...

Quarter Final    14th April at The Olympus Theatre, Filton.     (Mark Graves 01454 238 384)

Semi Final    5th May at The Redgrave Theatre, Bristol     (Ann Aplin - 01454 228 243)

English & RSC Open Stages Final    9th & 10th June at Swan Theatre, Worcester    (Jean Cunnington 0121 707 6684, Box Office 01905 611427)

British Final    6th &7th July at The Torch Theatre, Milford Haven      (Sarah Stanley 07875 503157 or Drama Association of Wales 029 2045 2200)