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One-Act Festival 2011 at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall - Adjudicator: Mike Kaiser, GODA - Hosts: Sodbury Players

Stage One of the All England Theatre Festival

  Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

Thursday 17 February 2011 at 7.30



(Sodbury Players Youth Section)








Auntie May 

First Barker 

Second Barker 

Third Barker 

Fourth Barker





Kid Saracen 

Eddie Edwards 

Second Man


Library Attendant

Girl Librarian 

Lady Librarian 

A Tramp




Stage Manager 




Young Ernie has been worrying his Mum and Dad by his "illucinations". They take him to the Doctor and as Ernie tells of his illucinations, they are enacted before us. However, at Mum and Dad‟s declaration that they are more than illusions, and actually occurred, the Doctor is, to put it mildly, sceptical. Indignantly, Dad tells Ernie to show the Doctor by imagining there and then. Ernie does so with astonishing results.


Ernie's Incredible Illucinations

by Alan Ayckbourn


Ross Arnott

Sophie Reynolds

Cameron Hector

Amy Bassett

Alistair Hector

George Ball

Rose Eastment

Rhiannon Williamson

Amber Sharpe

Ellie Smith

Sammie Ball

Richard Bray

Emily Perry

George Gerrard

Rosie Riley

Amber Godwin

Eddie Kusnir

Briana Lovett

Ellie Lloyd

Fran Hinton

Rhiannon Williamson

Vicki Bond

Dan Williamson


Julian Hinton

   Ross Brown

Ross Brown

Julian Hinton

Julian Hinton


(Sodbury Players Youth Section)


Raja Englanderova a young woman

Irena Synkova a teacher

Honza a young man, friend to Raja 

Youth of Terezin...     

Child I 

Child II 

Child III

Child IV 




Stage Manager 




This play is based on the poetry created in a concentration camp by the Jewish children of Prague. Over 15,000 Jewish children passed through Terezin and only about 100 were still alive when it was liberated at the end of the war. Raja lived through it all, teaching the children when there was nothing to teach with, helping to give them hope when there was little reason to hope. This play is her story...


I Never Saw Another Butterfly

by Celeste Raspanti


Megan Harris

Ellen Kingston

Dan Williamson


Rose Eastment

Rosie Riley

Sammie Ball

George Gerrard

Molly Clements


Lin Bowden

Lin Bowden

Julian Hinton

Julian Hinton


Ernie's Incredible Illucinations ...



  I Never Saw Another Butterfly ...





Friday 18 February 2011 at 7.30






Zara Cuza 

Elna Banut

Varya Jaglich 

Miron Grober 

Vasili Talysin

Anya Ranescu

Clerk of the Court 

Yovan Jefka

Liesa Bemesvar 

Sonya Nikolevna 

Max Vulov



Stage Manager




A courtroom scene in the troubled 1960‟s in an Eastern Bloc country

Fool of Creation

by Norman Holland


Terry Mills

Gaynor Clark

Helen Briggs

Pat Stimson

Chris Taylor

Simon Carney

Becky Sawicki-Gregg

Angie Croome

Geoff Wilkinson

Margaret Bulmer

Jenny McDowell

Bob Allen


Alan Cross

Michael Schofield

Mark Whitehouse

Mark Whitehouse



Red Triangle Youth



David aspiring student 

Ian clownish adviser



Stage Manager


Two drama students at an audition for a Drama School - one begins suggesting bizarre alternatives to the other in order to get noticed and win a place there.


The Knowledge

by Mark Edwards


Edward Gerlach

Stephen England


Gaye Shepherd

Gaye Shepherd


Oldland Players




Basil Fawlty

Sybil Fawlty 



Mr Yardley

Ms Thurston 

Mrs Richards 

Mr Firkins

Major Gowen

Miss Tibbs &

Miss Gatsby    


Ms Mackintosh

Mr Kerr



Stage Manager





When Mrs Richards, a demanding woman who is hard of hearing, checks into the hotel, Basil, Sybil and Polly find themselves with a difficult customer. Meanwhile, Basil bets on a horse that is sure to win, however he must not let Sybil find out.

Communication Problems

by John Cleese &

    Connie Booth


Kevin Kirwan

Lisa Stapleton

Steph Armer

Danny Johnson

Andrew Muffett

Natalie Brown

Mandi Bailey-Turner

Christopher Marks

Paul Dyson

Fran Kirwan &

   Gill Lewisohn

Kathryn Hedger

Christine Cooke

Andrew Muffett


Kitty Muffett

Robin Turner

Lenka Birkett

Hannah Johnson &

   Tom Davies


  Fool of Creation ...



The Knowledge ...




Communication Problems ...





Saturday 19 February 2011 at 7.30


St Paul's Players









Stage Manager 




An intruder with a book, finds a victim with a book!


Paperback Books

by Mary Steelsmith

produced by Special Arrangement with Players Press, Inc.


Kirsty Hemming

Sean Colledge


Peter Nicoll

Dominic Newton

Hilary Barnes

Paul Davis


Sodbury Players



Mrs Sparrow







Stage Managers





It is Midsummer‟s night, on the eve of the wedding of Nick and Julia, who are drawn into a forest of dark secrets, lies and the supernatural. All must confront who they really are

A Bucket of Eels

by Paul Godfrey


Nicky Shipton

Richard Cottle

Katie Salt

Bryony Ward

Ross Brown

Sarah Dixo

Rob Creer

Will Wrighton &

   Rob Creer

James Murden

Stephen Bashford

  Paperback Books ...





  A Bucket of Eels ...









 Adjudicator    Mike Kaiser, GODA

Winners 2011...

Denning Award for Youth Red Triangle Youth
West Town Workshop Theatre for Youth Steph Armer - Oldland Players
AAD Award for Youth Drama SPYS (Sodbury Players Youth Section)
Richard Brayshaw Cup Oldland Players
Ruth Perrett Award Actonians Drama Group
Pauline Pincott Trophy Not awarded
Priory Plate Mandi Bailey-Turner - Oldland Players
Goodway Memorial Cup Ross Brown - Sodbury Players
Graham Bradshaw Cup Nicky Shipton - Sodbury Players
Ian Wethey Award Rose Eastment, Rosie Riley, Sammie Ball, George Gerrard - SPYS (Sodbury Players Youth Section)
The Peter English Award Sodbury Players
The Alexander Trophy SPYS (Sodbury Players Youth Section)

All England Theatre Festival

Next rounds...

Quarter Final    16th April at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall,     (Mark Graves 01454 238384)

Semi Final    14th May at Merrywood Theatre, The Hub, Verwood     (Ann Aplin - 01454 228243)

English Final    4th June at Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate     (Ian Clark 01423 712240, Box Office 01423 502116)

British Final    1st & 2nd July at Wyvern Theatre, Swindon      (Box Office - 01793 524481)