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Five Counties Youth Festival at the Memorial Hall, Rangeworthy - Adjudicator Marie O'Sullivan, LLAM, GODA

The Festival was hosted by the Court Players, Rangeworthy, South Gloucestershire

Saturday 25 April 2009 - Matinee

St Gregory Youth Theatre, Somerset






Thin Skin

Bull / Child

Teacher / Father / Santa / Boy



Thin Skin

by Mike Kenny

by kind permission of

Sayle Screen Ltd


Laurence Morgan

Greg Wolfman

Stephen House

Amelia Saunders

  Martha Stone

  Phoebe Stone

  Katherine Totterdell

  Juliette Totterdell

  Daisy Wolfman



Assisted by


Stage Design and Management

Music composed & played by




Plays reveal what it feels like to be

behaviour, at least not


Awarded the Mike Bishop


Liz Brown

Belinda Morgan

Nick Bright

Peter House

Archie Wolfman

Louise Barrett (Pretty Good Girl Dance Company)


human, they do not change

in any predictable way.


Award for Winning Team...



Saturday 25 April 2009 - Matinee

Sodbury Players Youth Section, SPYS (Avon)





Mum / Assistant

Miranda / Girl one

Jessica / Girl Two

Interrogator / Carpenter / Priest

Clock One / Youth / Father

Clock / Youth / Husband


Comedian / Torturer

Girl / Assistant / Rosie

MC / Apple Seller

Mrs Grouse

Witch's Mother

Hanging the Witch

by Ian Barraclough


Sammie Ball

Kirsty Scott-Dyer

Ellen Gallacher

Sophie Reynolds

Briana Lovett

Dan Williamson

Lauren Moran

Rose Eastment

Heather Nicholls

Mary Blannin

Rosie Riley

Alison Wildgoose

Amber Sharpe





Stage Manager




A girl faces trial


Lin Bowden

  Kayleigh Rose

  Pete Williamson

Lin Bowden

Peter Williamson

Tim Hunter


for being a witch



Saturday 25 April 2009 - Matinee

Redland Green School, (Bristol)




Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Voice 1

Voice 2

Voice 3

Voice 4

Voice 5

Voice 6

Voice 7

Voice 8

Voice 9

Voice 10

Guard 1

Guard 2


Teen People

by Mark Rees


Luke Stafford

Lucy Wilkinson

Kaya Brown

Rhiannon Leyden-Preece

Jess Bell

Callum Ramsden

Lydia Mather

Christina Daisley

Sally Best

Sarah Smith

Rosie Richardson

Rebecca Spencer

Izzy Hastings

Ibrahim Bashir

Imogen Lloyd



Stage Manager


Setting: Teen Camp.


Sarah Woodbury

Joy Peters


Period: The Future - 2055

Photographs published with the permission of the Headteacher


Saturday 25 April 2009 - Evening

Oldland Youth, (Gloucestershire)




Foetus Number One

Foetus Number Two

Foetus Number Three


Deliver us Not

by Lee Howard & Greg Gamble


Danny Johnson

Hannah Johnson

Emma James




Stage Manager




Three Foetuses sharing a womb debate

trying to come to  terms with their

The characters present a trio of

who is convinced that there is nothing

sees her time in the womb as a cosmic

the last foetus takes a sane, sober, "wait 


Gill Lewisohn

Andrew Moffett

Matt Cotton

Gordon James


the possibilities of life after birth,

impending due date.

philosophies, including an atheist

after birth. Another foetus

womb as a cosmetic deception and and see" approach to the next world.



Saturday 25 April 2009 - Evening

Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society Youth Section, (Wiltshire)




Head / Mr Marshal / Dennis Pearce

Miss Chillingworth / Nurse / Mrs Phillips

Wendy Dewar-Durie / Evacuee / Betty

Mrs Blackman / Mary / Home Guard

Margaret Pearce / Dulcie / Schoolgirl / Dolly Crook

Mr Cook / Mr Wickham / Amor

Joyce / Miss Pinchen

McDougal / Evacuee / Dr Bryne / Kimber

Winifred Sutton / Evacuee

Humphries / Lewis / Postman

Stella / Margaret Heron

Jacob / Rudman

Rebekkah / Margaret Carr

Milly Perry / Mrs Goddard

I Remember.....(Pewsey at War)

by Nettie Powell


Ben Batemen

Claire Gent

Cherry Mawby

Poppy Bunce

Kate Powell

Joel Bottoms

Abi James

Michael Rice

Lucy Brown

Lewis Nicholls

Jo Barley

Ryan Hughes

Jessica Ward

Jemima Thompson






The effects of World War 2 on

Vale of Pewsey. All the names

facts researched from interviews

Heritage Centre, School log

our local


Nettie Powell

Rob Bottoms

Jonathan Barley


children and families in the

and references in the play are true

with local residents, the Pewsey

books, County Records and









Adjudication of the performances was by Marie O'Sullivan GODA